10 Apps That Will Make Living In Wellington A Breeze

Chelsea Cain


Once again, Lonely Planet readers have chosen New Zealand as the Best Country in the World to Live, and Wellington as the Coolest Little Capital in the World. Perhaps those Lonely Planet readers know about the apps I’ve ferreted out below, all of them helping making eating out, planning travel, and other adventures just a little more fun and simple. We’ll start the list with a shameless little plug …


Roam – Sharing local cars with local people


roam preview



With Roam’s breakthrough new app, you’ll never have to worry about finding simple, safe and cost-effective travel options again.

By using the app’s GPS technology, borrowers can efficiently locate and book a car near them. Once they have the approval of the owner, the technology fitted into the car enables usage via remote access, without keys to the car being needed. If you’re an owner and worried about damage to your car, then don’t! Roam’s partnership with IAG Insurance NZ, means that we have your back at every turn. Roam’s car sharing app is cheaper than a taxi, more efficient than public transport, while being safe and cost-effective for both borrowers and owners.

So next time you’re wanting to travel around, don’t worry about sticking to the fixed public transport routes, get out there and properly explore!


No Surcharge – Because Why pay extra?




With Anzac Day around the corner and Queen’s Birthday not far behind, this app is bound to come in handy in the  near future.

No Surcharge saves you the annoyance of walking through the city on those all too wondrous public holidays while struggling to find a restaurant or bar that isn’t going to charge you a surcharge fee.

No surcharge allows you to search by venue and location while navigating you through the hustle and bustle of the city via google maps.

Download no surcharge today because as they say “Why pay extra?”



Conscious Consumer – Choose your world




Conscious consumer helps you find and support local businesses doing good stuff while rewarding you at the same time!

Being a conscious consumer can be difficult. It’s not easy to know what businesses have free range products, who supports fair trade and who care about the environment by recycling and disposing of their waste properly.

That’s where Conscious Consumer comes in…

You can search for restaurants, bars and cafes in your area who are accredited with badges such as the ones you can see in the image above and many more. And by supporting accredited businesses you also get rewarded with free coffees and other great things too!

Download the app and support Conscious Consumers vision of a global economic system that is socially and environmentally responsible.



Journey Planner – Greater Wellington Regional Council




Cycling and walking around has never been easier thanks to Journey Planner.

Now you’re able to find out how long your journey will take, how hilly your trip is and even get an estimate of how many calories you’ll be able to burn! (My personal favourite feature.

Journey planner has many other awesome benefits which include:

  • Suggesting a route which is short, but avoids the hilliest terrain
  • Display of facilities such as street lights, toilets and bike racks
  • Ability to share your journey via email, Facebook or Twitter
  • Ability to zoom in and out of the map and overlay a satellite image

Another similar app you may find helpful is Welly Walks. Developed by Wellington City Council this app allows you to explore well-known and popular walkways and tracks around Wellington.

welly walks


As we know Wellington is known for it’s hidden gems and tourist spots which this app will help you to discover.

It includes images, maps and instructions on how to get around the walks and helps you to locate landmarks historic sites and much, much more.






FIXIT – Wellington City Council



Driving home after work and sick of seeing that pothole on your street? We’ve all been there. But this time instead of getting all hot and heated and accepting what is, Wellington City Council’s new free FIXIT app means that you can help your city out by:

  • Taking a picture of the problem
  • Tagging the location on GoogleMaps
  • Leaving a description of the problem.

Once your message is sent, the right staff are notified and you even receive a follow up email for peace of mind.

So let’s make sure that those annoying little waterleaks, graffiti, dumped rubbish etc, are all taken care of in a timely manner by downloading FIXIT.



Multicam Wellington – Access traffic cams with a click



Are you ready to head home but you’re not sure if the afternoon traffic has passed yet? MultiCam takes the guess work out of it by getting you the fastest access to the traffic web cams that matter to you.

It’s so simple to use, all you need to do is open MultiCam on your iphone, and go straight to the camera you want with one click.

Your time is precious and with so much to do, there’s no time to waste sitting in traffic doing nothing. Make Roaming easier my using MultiCam.








STQRY – Explore further, engage deeper, discover more


Sometimes one of the most difficult things about travelling to a new place is the feeling of not seeing the culture or experiencing sights and places you’ll love all because you didn’t know about them.

Finding those best kept secrets in a new place can be hard and that’s where STQRY comes in. STQRY is a mobile story telling platform that helps visitors explore further, engage deeper and discover more.

STQORY’s platform includes mobile engagement, interactive explore map, content creation, contextual story-telling and many other amazing features to enhance visitor experience.

You’ll never have to leave a new destination feeling like you missed out again.



Watch Over Me – The app that could save your life


watch over me


Here in Wellington we are quite lucky. It’s not often that you feel in danger when walking down the street alone, but there are times as we have all experienced when something feels a bit off.

All you need to do is turn it on when you don’t feel safe and complete these three easy steps:

  • Let Watch Over Me know how long to watch out for you and they will track your location
  • Share some details by adding notes or a picture or even by asking a close friend to keep a super close eye on you when you’re on your journey
  • Tell them when you’re safe by tapping I’m safe before the time runs out otherwise, your loved ones will get an alert and be provided with your exact location along with other important details

This app will help you feel safer then ever while travelling and will also give your loved ones some peace of mind too.

My personal favourite feature is when you don’t have time to make a call in an emergency situation, just shake your phone. This turns on your phones alarm, video camera and also sends an alert to your emergency contacts.



Hatcher – The tinder of hospo deals


Gone are the days of meeting up with friends and wasting an hour of what could be precious eating time on trying to find the best specials at a place where you all want to go. And if you and your mates are anything like mine and I, this pretty much happens every time we meet up for a meal.

Now Hatcher connects you and your friends to the best cultural and culinary events near you at any given time.

Hatcher brings you the latest food deals, drink deals, gigs and shows happening around you.

No more FOMO (Fear of missing out). You’ll never have to worry about missing out on what’s going on around you again. All you have to do is HATCH A PLAN and leave the rest up to Hatcher.





So next time you don’t know what to do, where to eat, or how to get around, all you need to do is open one of these apps and away you go!

Most of the apps are available either on i Tunes or Google Play and please let me know how it goes if you download any of these apps!

We wish you the happiest of Roaming and if you liked this blog don’t forget to favourite and subscribe to our blog.






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