Hourfleet Has Launched

Powering A New Generation Of Car Sharing Businesses

Today is an exciting day for the Mindkin team. As you’ll know, we’ve been working hard on a ground breaking car sharing product called Roam. Roam provides car owners and borrowers with a full peer-to-peer car sharing service which includes nifty, app-based (keyless) access.

As cool as Roam is, our plan has always been to go beyond running a car sharing network. The product team have built such high strength cloud software coupled with in-car hardware, wouldn’t it be fantastic if any business with a fleet of shared cars could access a lower cost, higher quality car sharing service by using the same platform that powers Roam?

Well from now on they can, because today we launched  hour fleet logo.

What is Hourfleet? How does it differ from Roam?

Hourfleet is the brains and technology behind Roam. It is a flexible platform which is available for use by car rental agencies, peer-to-peer car sharing organisations and businesses that have fleets of shared cars (to name a few possibilities).

Hourfleet is a Platform-as-a-Service (‘PaaS’) product.We have taken the platform which powers Roam, and enhanced it with ‘multi-tenant’ capability. From now, Roam’s car sharing network can co-exist along with other customers who run their own networks of shared cars. They could be traditional car sharing businesses (e.g. rental companies), newer peer-to-peer car sharing businesses (similar to Roam), or they could even be businesses with their own in-house fleet of shared cars.

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 Hourfleet allows these customers to streamline their sharing processes through :

  • App-based (keyless) car access – Allowing for ease of accessibility
  • Automated booking management – Booking requests and approvals
  • Automated billing – Aenter billing and car owner remittances
  • Reputation Management – Enables rating and feedback by renter and owner that is curated across ALL HourFleet networks
  • Network Stock – Displaying car listings, pricing, locations and availability
  • White Labeling – A ready to use web app for mobile and desktop which just needs your branding and sharing business rules



This marks an important milestone in our strategy to power the world’s car sharing networks. So have a look at the Hourfleet site, and if you know of a business that would benefit from connecting their fleet to a next-generation car sharing platform then have them get in touch. We at info@hourfleet.com


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