Ian: The Story of a Roamer

By Chelsea Cain


Tired of waiting for buses, and completely over the cost of taxis, Ian now knows of a much more efficient and cost-effective way to travel.

Thanks to an article in Stuff, Ian found himself reading about Wellington City Council’s car share scheme which had just been launched. He read about Roam and got in touch with us.

Roam gives Ian keyless access to any car on the Roam network in a few quick steps. Once he is comfortable and seated, at the push of the Start button he’s off! Completing those accumulating  after work errands has never been so easy.

Ian returning Hue to the designated park in central Wellington

Of course public transport and transport alternatives such as taxis are always an option, but with Ian living two zones away in Brooklyn, heading to and from work means that the expenses can quickly add up.

Car ownership was also an option, but Ian says “I have owned a car before and I loved the freedom, but not the costs”. With Roam he is able to find the perfect middle-ground by having the freedom but not the costs. In New Zealand the cost of vehicle ownership for a small car doing approximately 14,000 km/s is around $8,000 annually as this 2012 AA report shows. Considering your car spends 95% of its lifetime idle, that’s a lot to pay for a whole lot of nothing.

An important factor in Ian’s decision to become a part of the Roam trial was the fact that he had used a car sharing platform while living in Berlin called DriveNow. He was able to see first-hand the benefits that a successful car sharing platform can bring to a city. So he decided that helping Wellington to build a successful car sharing platform by offering his feedback, was key to increasing more convenient transport options for Wellingtonians, while decreasing city congestion.

Having lived in places around New Zealand such as Waikato and Auckland before, Ian felt as though he needed a car to get around. In Wellington however, Ian has found that we have the perfect opportunity to make car sharing thrive.

With the money Ian is saving using Roam, he has no regrets over deferring the purchase of a vehicle and as Ian points out, “Car sharing reduces vehicle ownership and makes transport sociable. It’s important to have a conscience about how you travel. There are already so many vehicles out there, so why not share in the abundance?”

We completely agree! Every car listed on a car sharing platform removes 10-20 cars from our roads, and close to 50% of those who get involved in car sharing either defer a car purchase, or go out and sell their car altogether.

So next time you’re waiting in the rain for your bus that’s minutes late, remember that there is another way: Be like Ian and share in the abundance.


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