Roam Is Now In Preview Folks

Come and take a sneak peak…



By Matt Wehner


Pens, paper and planning poker cards are spread out over the table surrounded by six  members of the Roam team. Having just finished a planning session for our next two weeks the reality of what we have just agreed on is starting to settle in. Soon, anyone will able to sign up and borrow cars using Roam… gulp.

It’s a scary prospect putting Roam into the hands of other people, but it’s the only way to make sure we’re heading in the same direction as our customers. Fortunately, we’ve already started!

If you haven’t heard, for the last three months we’ve been running a private trial in Wellington and it’s painted an exciting future for Roam. Since the trial started in December, a lot has happened.

The Wellington City Council announced their support with a draft car sharing policy and an inner city parking spot reserved for Roam. We were also nominated for a Cyber Gold award and a second car was added to the Roam network. Most importantly our expanding group of trialists provided us with lots of great feedback, letting us know what missing parts of Roam were essential and which could wait.


What is Roam Preview and what does it mean?

During the trial we’ve seen a number of people signing up and borrowing HUE (the Roam trial car). We want this number to keep increasing so that HUE and the Roam website are constantly in use. We aren’t going to achieve this by keeping the trial exclusive – so we’re opening it up to everyone!

Roam Preview is an open invite for everyone to check us out and borrow HUE and GIMIK (the second trial car). Roam is far from being finished, but we don’t want that being a roadblock to getting people into the driver’s seat and having access to a car when they need it.


What is Roam Preview missing?

Whoa there – that’s a pretty big question. There’s still a lot of features that we know Roam needs, but there is also a whole lot more that we don’t know about, and that’s where you come in. We want to hear your feedback!  The Roam team can only work on so many features at a time and we want to know we are delivering the most important ones to you first.

We also don’t have a large selection of cars. We are working closely with our insurer to provide you with comprehensive car insurance during rentals and that’s almost ready. If you are keen to list your car on Roam and start making some money then we’d love to chat.

While Roam is in Preview you will be able to begin your car’s registration process and when our insurance is ready, your car will be able to be booked! If you are borrowing the trial cars, don’t worry, you will be fully insured while using them – we’ve got you covered there!


What can I expect when using Roam Preview?

Roam Preview allows you to sign up and borrow the two trial cars currently located in Wellington. You can rent either car for as long or as short as you’d like while only paying for the time you use with a minimum booking time of an hour

Expect the experience to be sometimes slow or a little difficult. We’re hard at work improving the Roam experience to make things faster and easier to use.

That also means that you can expect things to change from time to time. Some things you might not notice, some you won’t miss and some we hope you can’t live without. Part of Roam Preview is learning how people use Roam and that means as we incorporate your feedback into the experience,  the way you can use Roam will change too.


What do we want from you?

We want you to use Roam. The more you use it the better it will get. We also want to hear from you. Talk to us on Facebook or twitter, call or email; it’s vital you let us know what went well and especially what didn’t.

And that’s about it. We think Roam is pretty darn awesome and we want your help to make it even more so. 


Did you enjoy this blog post or do you still have questions about joining Roam in preview? Let us know on our Facebook or Twitter.

Wanting to list your car on Roam or know someone who would?  Then feel free to call 0800 ROAMRIDE or send an email to

Don’t hesitate to like/subscribe or leave a comment below.  Happy Roaming!

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