8 Sharing Market Places You Never Knew Existed

We obviously love the sharing economy here at Roam, and though the sharing economy in New Zealand is yet to reach its full potential, every year we see more and more companies coming up with new and innovative ways to help the sharing economy grow. 

Here are 8 cool sharing marketplaces that might never have heard of… and perhaps you know some others too. Tell us about them in comments below.


1.   Ourthings – Renting/borrowing things


If you have a spare bike sitting in the garage, or an outside table that hardly gets used, Ourthings provides you with the perfect online marketplace to rent it out to your community. The geo location feature also allows renters to quickly and easily see what’s available for hire in their area.


2. AskShareGive – Give and borrow without expectations

our things

AskShareGive is taking it back to the old school ways of giving without the expectation of receiving. You can use the search based on people who need things, such as any old item, to asking for someones time or for a lift somewhere, or you can search based on people who are offering things, such as lending something in particular or volunteering to help out.


3. Wunderbike – Borrow a bike 


‘Wunderbike’ is a community bike sharing program for Wellingtonians and visitors. You can borrow a Wunderbike to speed up errands, take a leisurely ride along the harbour or head away for a weekend bike trip. Bike safety is also valued and promoted, as riders are provided with a helmet, lights and a bike lock. The only thing you need to remember asides from a bottle of water is a photo ID when you rent your first bike.


4. Island Bay Community Orchard – Delicious fruit ripe for the picking


The Island Bay community trust have recently established an orchard which allows anyone to come along to pick and enjoy fresh, organic, wholesome fruit. With over 50 trees consisting of apples, pears, peaches, plums and feijoas, you’ll definitely want to head over and check this orchard out. Maybe you could even bike there on a Wunderbike?


5. Menzshed – Learn and share new skills


‘Menzshed’ brings men together in one community space to share their skills, have a laugh, and to work on practical tasks individually (personal projects), or as a group (for the Shed or community). The Menzshed is a great place for men to learn new skills from each other. Some sheds also have sessions catering to women who wish to acquire new skills and get involved in personal or community projects.


6. Creative Commons – no more worrying about copyrights


Finding creative work to share can be beyond difficult these days, without the fear of copyright infringements looming over you. ‘Creative commons’ is a non-profit organisation which enables the use of creativity and knowledge through their free legal tools. Their easy-to-use copyright licenses provide a simple, standardised way to give the public permission to share and use your creative work on conditions of your choice. So get sharing!


7. Look after me – Genuine kiwi hospitality

Look After Me - Accommodation Network for New Zealand - best hospitality

You’ll be glad to know that Kiwi’s have been voted No.1 in the world for how we look after tourists. And now with the ‘Look After Me’ online marketplace, genuine kiwi hospitality is now available at the click of a button! Look After Me focuses on home-hosting, but also offers a full range of accommodation options at incredible rates suited to your specific needs. Their focus on security convenience and memorable hospitality, particularly for women travelling alone, or mature couples, really leaves you with only one question; Shall I choose a location by the beach, city, lake, farm or bush?


8. Roam – Safe and cost-effective car sharing


And of course, last but not least, we have our very own Roam!

If earning cash from your car while you work or hang out at home sounds like a situation you could see yourself in, then Roam’s breakthrough car sharing app is the perfect introduction into the sharing economy for you.

By using the app’s GPS technology, borrowers can efficiently locate and book a car near them. Once they have the approval of the owner, the technology fitted into the car enables usage via remote access, without keys to the car being needed. If you’re an owner and worried about damage to your car, then don’t! Roam’s partnership with IAG Insurance NZ, means that we have your back at every turn. Roam’s car sharing app is cheaper than a taxi, more efficient than public transport, while being safe and cost-effective for both borrowers and owners. 


So, with the sharing economy growing with every great new idea, get involved and get started with reaping the benefits. And next time you head off to buy something that isn’t going to be used very often, or if you have things lying around that you don’t use much, think about how the sharing economy can help you or how you can lend a hand.


Let us know what you think in the comments below and feel free to share  any other great sharing market places you know about.

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